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    Isaac Rowe

    Isaac Rowe is a motivational speaker, author, and Anger Management Specialist, based in Austin, Texas. He is a professional life-changer who finds a myriad of ways to connect with people from all walks of life and backgrounds with his inspiring message. Isaac specializes in male advocacy, leadership development, anger management, and facilitating programs focused on disadvantaged youth.

    As the founder and CEO of The Man In Me, a non-profit organization that educates, strengthens, and provides support to men in need of personal development and parenting; Isaac is poised to build a replicable model for any community interested in building resilience in men.

    Isaac is also known as a best-selling author for his work, “I Love Anger”, which was featured on Amazon as a Top 100 Bestseller. He is passionately committed to the incredible work he is doing to help people around him and is successfully transforming lives every day!

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    Amber Rowe

    Amber Rowe is a professional development coach with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has an impressive career which includes working onsite with celebrities at concerts, photo-shoots, and private events. Amber is also a published author and has been interviewed on numerous media platforms including TV and Radio. Mrs. Rowe has been featured in commercials and has been a guest actress as a result of being a semifinalist in 2011 for the CW Austin Star talent search.

    In her mission to level up and preserve the integrity and future of the beauty industry, Amber realized how important professional development training was vs protocols. She landed her first contract with a multi-million dollar spa chain and continues to assist spas and salons with employee training & development coaching to ensure providers and the public are safe.

    Amber’s passion for serving others has also expanded into the non-profit realm; with her husband Isaac, they have been featured on FOX News and The Washington Post and founded The Man in Me and The Women in Me, both dynamic outreach programs which serve families in the Central Texas Region. Additionally, Amber is a motivational speaker who enjoys encouraging beauty professionals, empowering women's groups, and working with youth to address the pressures leading to teen violence. Amber resides in Austin, where she enjoys life with her husband and two little ones.

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    Joshua Banks

    Joshua Banks is a dynamic, authentic, and thought-provoking speaker. With over 15 years of ministry experience, 9 years of law enforcement, and countless hours devoted to serving the community, Joshua Banks challenges his listeners in areas pertaining to leadership, communication, spiritual development, and conflict resolution. His goal is to encourage his listeners to rethink the foundations of their own beliefs.

    He currently serves as a program coordinator for the Housing Authority of the City of Austin. The "IDADS" program is a groundbreaking program aimed at dealing with the issue of fatherlessness in our communities.

    Joshua Banks is a father, a teacher, and mentor, a graduate of Rhema Bible College, and the author of "Jesus Others You: The Self-Centered Gospel" and the soon to be released "Doctrine of Synchronization".

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    Marcus Griggs

    Marcus Griggs has worked with youth and families affected by sexual and domestic violence as an advocate, mentor, and group facilitator since 2001. In his work, he has empowered many to take an active role in healing from their trauma with the hopes of creating healthy families and safer communities. He has contributed to magazines like YES!Magazine and Austin Man Magazine through written work and interviews. He is a Life Coach, blogger, and podcaster. He is, truly, a believer in the tongue having the power to pronounce life and death. Therefore, his aim has been to speak life into the world. His role as a husband and father is the most precious gift that he has been given in this life. When he is not working or serving in his community, Marcus and his family enjoy going to the park, reading books, playing Legos, and watching the same shows over and over again with his toddlers. He is grateful to be a part of the Mastering Manhood Conference and looks forward to the movement of inspired men impacting their community at the completion of this event.